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Thursday, 4 January 2018

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How to add extra column in sale invoice ( Tally Erp9 )

Hello friends!
Here we'll learn that how to enable extra column in sales Invoice, without any TDL utility.
In this Video U can learn how to enable the

1)Separate disc column,

2)No. of Packages Column,

3)Marks/Product Code Column,

4)Additional Description of Item.

Yes! this feature is already built in tally. we have to just enable and use this.
So Now let me start this.

First of all You have to Go Tally--F11 Press
Then Click on Inventory Feature--Select Use Separate Discount column.

Next step : U have to go in Sale Invoice Voucher and Press F12.
See in General Options:
Provide additional Desc. for stock items name : YES

Next step : in bottom side, you'll see the note-Press F12 for more options-
So now Press F12.
See in Exporter's option:
Provide marks and Container No : Yes (You can use this option as product code or anything as u wish)
Provide numbers and kind of packages : Yes.

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