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Friday, 7 April 2017

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घर बैठ कर टैली सीखे | Easy to learn basic complete tally in step by step

Here you can learn complete basic level tally from Company creation to data entry. In this video we are consider the following topics:
1. Company Creation in Tally Erp9,
2. Ledger Creation, Alteration, deletion in tally erp9,
3. Payment Voucher in Tally erp9,
4. Receipt Voucher in Tally erp9,
5. Contra Voucher in Tally erp9, 
6. Journal Entry in Tally erp9,
7. Sales Voucher in Tally erp9,
8. Purchase Voucher in Tally erp9,
In my next video i'll teach some advanced level Tally course.
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