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Friday, 3 March 2017

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10 Easy Power Short Cut Of Tally.erp9!

Dear Tally user,

Have you hear that Tally.ERP 9 has powerful shortcuts to let you have a faster and smoother experience to make data entry?

If Your Ans. is No!

Then I'll describe the all power shortcuts which you have not know before.

1.Alt +C:
To create any master (e.g. ledger, stock item) on a voucher creation or alteration screen
For example, on the Sales Voucher screen, put the cursor at ‘Party’s A/c Name’ and press ‘Alt + C’
to open the ledger creation screen.
Once,  the  ledger creation  is  done,  accept  the  screen  and  you  will  go  back  to  the  previous  Sales.

2.Ctrl + Enter:
To alter any master item on a voucher creation or alteration screen
For example, select a particular ledger or stock item on the Sales Voucher screen and press ‘Ctrl +

3.Ctrl + R:
To repeat narration on a voucher
While  you  are  creating  or  altering  a  voucher,  go  to  the  Narration  field  and  press  ‘Ctrl  +  R’.
This will copy the ‘Narration’ from the last opened transaction in the same voucher type.

4.Ctrl + Q:
To cancel or quit the screen without saving any of the changes made
On a voucher screen, press ‘Ctrl + Q’ to quit or cancel the transaction and come out of the screen.
This does not save any changes you have mad.

5.Ctrl + D:
To delete a line in a voucher
For example, on a voucher alteration or creation screen, highlight the required line and press ‘Ctrl + D’ to delete it.

6.Alt + D:
To delete a voucher from its alteration screen, you can press ‘Alt + D’

7.Alt + A:
To add a voucher right after the cursor position in a list of vouchers.

8.Alt + I:
To insert a voucher before the cursor position in the vouchers list.

9.Alt + 2 :
To duplicate a voucher.

10.Alt + Enter:
To view the ‘Voucher Display

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