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Saturday, 25 February 2017

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Simple Tally Short Cut Keys In New Way!!

Step-by-step learn the new Tally.erp9 short cut keys in easy way!

1.Tally Shortcuts Keys start with A.

Shortcut Functionality


Create a group
AGD Display individual group
AGA Alter a group
AGR Create multiple groups
AGI Display multiple ledgers
AGT Alter multiple ledgers
ALC Create a ledger
ALD Display individual ledger
ALA Alter a ledger
ALR Create multiple ledgers
ALI Display multiple ledgers
ALT Alter multiple ledgers
ALL See credit limits
ABC Create a budget
ABA Alter a budget
Voucher Types
AVC Create a voucher
AVD Display a voucher
AVA Alter a voucher

2.Inventory Info.

In Inventory Info., all the shortcuts start with I.

Shortcut Functionality
Stock Groups


Create a stock group
IGD Display individual stock group
IGA Alter individual stock group
IGR Create multiple stock groups
IGI Display multiple stock groups
IGT Alter multiple stock groups
VAT Commodity
ITC Create a VAT commodity
ITD Display a VAT commodity
ITA Alter a VAT commodity
Stock Items
IIC Create a stock item
IID Display individual stock item
IIA Alter a stock item
IIR Create multiple stock item
III Display multiple stock item
IIT Alter multiple stock item
Units of Measures
IUC Create an inventory unit
IUD Display inventory unit
IUA Alter inventory unit
Voucher Types
IVC Create a voucher
IVD Display a voucher
IVA Alter a voucher
Update VAT Info.
IE Update VAT information

3.In Quick Setup, all the shortcuts start with K.

Shortcut Functionality


Go to Tally.NET setup
KM Go to Excise for Manufacturer setup
KD Go to Excise for Dealer setup
KV Go to VAT setup
KT Go to TDS setup
KC Go to TCS setup
KS Go to Service Tax setup


4.Accounting Vouchers

Shortcut Functionality
V Go to accounting voucher creation

5.Inventory Vouchers

Shortcut Functionality
T Go to inventory voucher creation

6.ImpOrt of Data


7.In Import of Data, all the shortcuts start with O.

Shortcut Functionality


Imports masters
OV Imports vouchers


In Banking, all the shortcuts start with N.

Shortcut Functionality


Go to cheque printing
NR Displays cheque register
NB Go to Bank Reconciliation
NDD Displays Cheque Deposit Slip
NDC Displays Cash Deposit Slip
NP Displays Payment Advice


Shortcut Functionality
B Displays Balance Sheet
P Displays Profit and Loss account
S Displays Stock Summary
R Displays Ratio Analysis


In Display, all the shortcuts start with D.

Shortcut Functionality
Trial Balance


Displays Trial Balance
Day Book
DD Displays Day Book
Account Books
DAC Displays Cash/Bank books
DAL Displays a list of ledgers
DAG Displays list of groups
DAV Displays list of groups with vouchers
DAS Displays Sales Register
DAP Displays Purchase Register
DAJ Displays Journal Register
Statements of Accounts
DSOR Displays statements of accounts for outstanding receivables
DSOP Displays statements of accounts for outstanding payables
DSOL Displays statements of accounts outstanding ledger wise
DSOG Displays statements of accounts outstanding group wise
DSS Displays statements of accounts statistics
Inventory Books
DIS Displays stock item
DIG Displays list of groups of stock items
DIT Displays Stock Transfers
DIP Displays physical stock register
DIMS Displays analysis of movement of stocks group wise
DIMI Displays analysis of movement of stocks item wise
DIMG Displays analysis of movement of accounts group wise
DIML Displays analysis of movement of accounts ledger wise

DIMT Displays Transfer Analysis
DIA Displays Ageing Analysis
Statements of Inventory
DET Displays Stock Query in statements of inventory
DEO Displays Cost Estimation in statements of inventory
DEI Displays Item Cost Analysis in statements of inventory
DES Displays statements of inventory statistics
Statutory Info.
DUV Displays VAT classifications
Statutory Reports - VAT
DOVV Displays VAT computation in VAT reports
DOVA Displays VAT forms in VAT reports
DOVE Displays E-VAT forms in VAT reports
DOVC Displays VAT commodity in VAT reports
DOVR Displays VAT register in VAT reports
Statutory Reports - CST
DOCR Displays forms receivable in CST reports
DOCI Displays forms issuable in CST reports
DOCC Displays CST forms in CST reports
DOCE Displays E-CST forms in CST reports
DOCS Displays CST register in CST reports
Cash/Funds Flow


Displays cash flow in Cash/Funds Flow
DCF Displays funds flow in Cash/Funds Flow
DCP Displays cash flow projection in Cash/Funds Flow
Receipts and Payments
DR Displays Receipts and Payments
List of Accounts
DL Displays List of Accounts
Exception Reports
DXN Displays Negative Stock in Exception Reports
DXL Displays Negative Ledgers in Exception Reports
DXR Displays Overdue Receivables in Exception Reports
DXP Displays Overdue Payables in Exception Reports
DXM Displays Memorandum Vouchers in Exception Reports
DXS Displays Post-Dated Vouchers in Exception Reports
DXA Displays E-mail IDs in Exception Reports


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