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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


68th Independence Day Celebration at Sethi Account Solutions!!

68th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Sethi Account Solutions ( SAS ). Whole Center has been decorated beautifully with flags etc.

In the hues of our national flag, The colors of sacrifice, peace and prosperity provided a charming and sheer patriotic effect to the whole premises. In addition to the above, everyone was dressed in one or the other color of our national flag, making the center attraction.

The atmosphere started filling in with the feel of independence and national pride. Everyone was overjoyed to participant in every activities.

As the time progressed, the patriotism started to ooze out of every student, and it started to spread like an infection from one person to another, reaching its peak, at commence the Activity session  everyone given a short speech about dream India, political system of India and relevance of freedom to them.

Everyone kept on drenching in the feeling of national pride with patriotic songs and slogans echoing in SAS during the activity session. In the break time, Management has arranged the snacks for everyone. After that everyone participated & enjoyed in some entertaining & Know-How activities, like as dancing-chairs, Knock-out Buzzer, Quiz-contest, Communicate & Hierarchy-System, Goal-Orientation etc. End of the day, distributed some surprising gifts for best performers.

In short, 68th Independence Day celebration at SAS was definitely a day to remember for a long time for everyone. 


  1. Happy Independence day dear...
    Congrats to you organizing these type of activities. Jai Hind

  2. Thanks for the appreciation sir....and happy independence day to you...Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! :-)