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Sunday, 8 June 2014

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How To Registered In DVAT..!!

These are following list of required documents for DVAT registration!   


1.  Application in Form DVAT-04 along with its annexures, if applicable. 

2.      Application in Form DVAT-01 if opting for composition scheme. 

3.      Registration Fees of Rs.500 by of India Court Fee Stamp in the

name of Applicant Dealer at the address of principle place of business.

4.      Proof of Incorporation of applicant dealer i.e Bank Statement (in

case of Proprietor)/ Partnership Deed/ Memorandum of Association


5.      Copy of the PAN Card of the Dealer. (Proprietor / Firm / Company)

6.      Proof of Ownership (Property Papers) / Tenancy (Rent

Agreement, NOC, Rent Receipt) of Principal Place of Business and other

additional places (like warehouse, shop may be in other state), if any.

7.      Copy of Registration Certificate of other states, if any and copy of

any license etc. if issued by any authority (like for medicines or export-

import code etc.)

8.      Details of Bank Account of the Business (Account Number, MICR

Code, Name & Address i.e. copy of signed cancelled blank cheque

will do)

9.      Details of Investment in Business (Capital, Loans, Plant &

Machinery, Land & Building, any other investments)

10.  Details of the top 5 commodities in which the dealer proposes to

deal (in the order of volume)

11.  Security for DVAT Registration for Rs.1,00,000 (which can be

reduced to Rs.50,000 on annexing some documents). Security can be in

the form of Personal Surety Bond, Bank Guarantee, Cash, P.O.Saving

Bank Pass Book, Mortgage of Immovable Property etc.) Following

Documents may be attached for reduction in security (though not

recommended as department may demand additional security in

future): Descripttion of Document for Reduction in Security by max of

Rs.50,000 Reduction in Amount of Security (in Rs.) Proof of Ownership

of Principle Place of Business 30,000 Proof of Ownership of Residential

Property 20,000 Copy of PAN Card 10,000 Notarised photocopy of

Passport of Prop / Managing Partner / M.D. 10,000 Last Paid Electricity

Bill 10,000 Last paid Telephone Bill 5,000  

12.  Name of the Manager (for the purpose of DVAT Dept only)

13.  3 Photographs, Copy of PAN Card and Identity Proofs (like Voter ID

Card, Passport, Driving Licence etc) of Proprietor / All Partners / All

Directors as the case may be.

14.  2 Photographs, Copy of PAN Card and Identity Proof of Authorized

Signatory/ies and a Resolution in case of a company authorizing the


15.  Non Judicial Stamp Paper for Rs.50 in the name of represntive

person for issuing Power of Attorney. 16.  Two Self addressed

envelopes (without stamps).   


CST Registration  

1.      Application in Form ‘A’ for CST Registration with a fees of Rs.25 by

the way of court fee stamp. 

2.      Copy of Central Sale Bill of Business and copy of Delivery Challan

of the same. 

3.      Security under Central Sales Tax. 

4.      Bank Statement evidencing the Payment received against the

Central Sale so made.  


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