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Thursday, 5 June 2014


Free Learn to recovery your tally password..!!

Dear Friends,

Here we'll learn to recover our tally's Ordinary and Vault password. its many of time, tally user face to password forgot problem. In that case, we'll need to go who customizes the tally. for this, we are not pay some extra but have to threat of data leakage.  Many of time, some tally users don't recover their tally's password because of extra recovery charges & also data's leakage threats.
In addition,if you try to recover your tally password with TDL language or data recovery software then these things either provide you just complexity or zero result. even some time we loss to our data. so beware to do this trick before data recovery.
But question is that can we do the recover our tally's password. the answer would be ''YES WE CAN DO THE RECOVER OUR TALLY'S ORDINARY and VAULT PASSWORD''.
Let me explain the process of password recovery!!

First of all you need to create a extra company. Like name of ABC.
After that You'll need back up & save the data which have to recover their  password.
Then you do copy the file which name of Company.900 from newly create ABC co.
After that paste & replace the same file in that Co. which have to recover their password.
After this process, need to open your tally and you see the two companies with same name of ABC. so where you have pasted the Company.900 file. there you'll be change the ABC name to Actual your company name. And finally, you can set the password as you remember.

If you have any problem or query then you can feel free to ask me & please don't forget post your views about this post.


  1. I break my tally valut password but i lost my data's pls give the solution

  2. Hi Priya, thnx for showing interest in SAS..!!
    In two conditions data can be lost...either when you change the accounting period of your existing Co. or at time of file copy, if your copy file ( Company.900 ) doesn't match with your existing accounting period of your already created Co.
    If you have taken the data backup before password recovery...then you can recover your data by restore tally features.

  3. Hi I did the above, but after that I am unable to print anything, also if the books are rewritten then some error is coming so please help. sudhin

  4. I did the above for tally 5.4 but could not print, but when I rewrote the books some data got deleted in short data was not correct can you please help it is urgent. sudhin

  5. Awesome Book of Tally i have ever read. Thank You very much

  6. I saw your post about Tally company password , My tally open now, but i have a problem when i open to check my balance sheet voucher entry it show the amount but not open my voucher , i clicked on that but nothing happend, please suggest me what can i do now?//