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Thursday, 4 January 2018

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How To Add n Use Task Manger Utility in Tally erp9!!

Hello friends!

Lets learn  how to enable Task Manager and use this in tally.

First of all download the Task Manager utility from download link. 

Download Link

Then Copy the Utility file,

Then Right click on Tallyerp9 Icon

Then Click on Properties

Then click on Open File Location

Then Paste this Utility and close the Tally Installation Folder.

Now you have to press F12

And click on Product and Feature.

Then Press F4.( Manage Local TDL )

Load TDL Files on Startup ? YES

List of TDL files to preload on startup : Reminder.txt

Then Ctrl+A

Press Esc

Then You'll See New Feature at Right Side as Task Manager( Its Function Key is F7 )

Then Click on Task Manager

Then Mention Yes ( Do you want to set your task ? Yes )

Then User Task Report'll be open in Blue Screen.

Here you can set your task alongwith date reminder.

Once you'll set your task with date then this feature help to remind your task in tally.

I bet you'll never forget any task during in your busy schedule.



Guyz if you have any querry then please ask me in Comment saction!



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How to add extra column in sale invoice ( Tally Erp9 )

Hello friends!
Here we'll learn that how to enable extra column in sales Invoice, without any TDL utility.
In this Video U can learn how to enable the

1)Separate disc column,

2)No. of Packages Column,

3)Marks/Product Code Column,

4)Additional Description of Item.

Yes! this feature is already built in tally. we have to just enable and use this.
So Now let me start this.

First of all You have to Go Tally--F11 Press
Then Click on Inventory Feature--Select Use Separate Discount column.

Next step : U have to go in Sale Invoice Voucher and Press F12.
See in General Options:
Provide additional Desc. for stock items name : YES

Next step : in bottom side, you'll see the note-Press F12 for more options-
So now Press F12.
See in Exporter's option:
Provide marks and Container No : Yes (You can use this option as product code or anything as u wish)
Provide numbers and kind of packages : Yes.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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How to setup GST in tally step by step..?

Dear Tally learner,

If you want complete setup of GST in your tally then fist of all you to ensure you that your tally is updated with latest version of Series A Release 6.0.1 (Beta Version).
If Your Ans is YES!
Then follow these below steps :-

Press F11--->Statutory & Taxation Feature-->Enable Goods and Service Tax (GST)=YES-->Set/Alter GST Details=YES
And Update your GST details
Applicable from=01/07/2017
Set/Alter GST rate details=No
Enable GST classifications=No
ProvideLUT/Bond details=No

Note : in above we are not set the GST details because if you have multiple items which have multiple tax rates and HSN. then you have to as it is set this.
GST Classification : In this section we can record the category wise GST rate and other details of GST as like GST 18%,GST Exmpted, Zero rated etc.
Provide LUT/Bond details : This section for only large Taxpayer Unit and Exporter.

Then You have to create the Stock Group.
Master-->Inventory Info-->Stock Group-->Create-->

Name=Building Material
And all rest option is set to NO

Then create your Stock Item.
Master-->Inventory Info-->Stock Item-->Create-->
Name=Crusher Stone
Under = Building Material
Unit= CFT ( to be self create by press Alt+C)
Set/Alter GST rate details=No

Then Go to display-->Statutory reports-->GST-->GST rate setup-->
Then you have to select stock group and click on Right side showing option Set Rate  and fill the Tax Rate details as mentioned below :
Press Alt+L and fill the complete details :
Applicable from : 01/07/2017
Description : Building Materials
HSN/SAC : 25171010
Is Non-GST Goods? :No
Taxability : Taxable
Is Reverse Charge Applicable?: No
Is ineligible for input credits?: No
Set/Alter Tax Details? :Yes
When you'll set the tax details as Yes then nex window'll open as below :
Integrated Tax : Based on Value : 18 %
Then you'll see integrated tax automatically divides between central tax (9%) and State Tax (9%)

After this you have to GST setup in ledger A/c.
In debtor/creditors  ledger you have to just edit statutory details and update their GST No. in their a/c respectively.

In GST setup in tally, now you have don't need for multiple Sales/Purchase a/c as you create before GST in tally. You have just two ledger a/c Sales A/c and Purcahse A/c.
Master-->Single Ledger-->Create-->
Name : Sales A/c/Purchase A/c
Under : Sales Accounts/Purchase Accounts
Set/Alter Statutory details :No

In the end you have to create SGST/CGST/IGST A/c ab mentioned below ;
Master-->Single Ledger-->Create-->
Name : SGST
Under : Duties & Taxes
Type of duty/Tax : GST
Tax Type :State Tax
Set/Alter Statutory details :No

Name : CGST
Under : Duties & Taxes
Type of duty/Tax : GST
Tax Type :Central Tax
Set/Alter Statutory details :No

Name : IGST
Under : Duties & Taxes
Type of duty/Tax : GST
Tax Type :Integrated Tax
Set/Alter Statutory details :No

I hope this post'll little help to set up the GST feature in Tally and you raise the proper GST Sale Invoice in Tally with HSN code.

If you like this post please like and share with others.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat :-)


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Sunday, 9 April 2017

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How to take Data Back up|Auto Back up| Data Restore in Tally erp9.| in H...

In this video you can learn how to take the data back up, data auto back up and how to data restore in tally erp9.
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Friday, 7 April 2017

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घर बैठ कर टैली सीखे | Easy to learn basic complete tally in step by step

Here you can learn complete basic level tally from Company creation to data entry. In this video we are consider the following topics:
1. Company Creation in Tally Erp9,
2. Ledger Creation, Alteration, deletion in tally erp9,
3. Payment Voucher in Tally erp9,
4. Receipt Voucher in Tally erp9,
5. Contra Voucher in Tally erp9, 
6. Journal Entry in Tally erp9,
7. Sales Voucher in Tally erp9,
8. Purchase Voucher in Tally erp9,
In my next video i'll teach some advanced level Tally course.
So Please don't forget to subscribe our channel.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

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Know all about GST of India in few minutes | In Hindi | latest 2017|

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

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How to integrate tally with excel.

Dear Tally users,
This article for those people who are always busy to generate the MIS reports from Tally data. Sometime user feel frustrate to prepare report from  tally to excel due to heavy backlog. Because in this case, you have to maintain or update data in tally first and then go for export feature in tally to transfer the data in excel. we know it takes time to data transfer.  So don't worry, now we have find the solution for this problem. But now you can easy to manipulation the data in excel with follow my steps. After enable this feature in tally as well in excel what i describe you in below, everyone can reduce its work load to prepare report and enhance its efficiency to do work in tally as well.

Lets we start the procedure of integration tally with excel :-

First of all open the Tally.erp9 and go to advanced configuration as below :

Tally-->Company Info-->Press F12 (Configuration )-->Advanced Configuration

Then you go Client/Server Configuration=== Then You have to ensure that enable ODBC server.

Then You need to open your Excel :

Excel-->Click on Data-->Click on From Other Sources-->Click on Microsoft Query-->Select on
Tally ODBC_9000 and then Click Ok.

Then you have to click on ''L'' and drag down till on Ledger.  
And press the sign on Ledger's '+'. Then scroll the courser down till you find Address and click on this, and then click on Name. 

Then You Have click on Next as you seen above.

Then again click on Next.

In next step you to have click on finish with ensure that ''Return Data to microsoft excel'' is also enable.

And in last you have to with default step and click ok

And after that you will see the all ledgers A/c name with Addresses in Your Excel sheet. And It sheet'll be auto mode. when you update the tally Ledger's Addresses data then you just need to refresh the imported data in excel. It'll be auto generate the fresh report for you from tally.
So friends if you have any query about Tally linking with excel. then you can feel free to ask in comment section.
Thank You!
Have a happy learning!

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